Felco 2 Pruners
Pruners, Felco

The Felco 2 is the original model of Felco pruners. We sell a lot of these: the most...

Felco 2 Replacement Blade
Replacement Blade, Felco 2

Felco pruners are strong and lasting, but after years of hard use and repeated sharpening even...

Felco 2 Hand Pruner Replacement Springs     2 pak
Replacement Springs for Felco 2 Hand Pruners

Are your pruners listless and unresponsive? Do they open slowly or not at all? Put the spring...

Sunfower Sammy Garden Gnome By Design Toscano
Sunfower Sammy Garden Gnome By Design Toscano

Offering up a magical forest sunflower, elfin Sammy is a vintage garden gnome sculpture with...

Gilmour Twin Spot Sprinkler
Twin Spot Sprinkler, Gilmour

A very effective smaller sprinkler for watering  the lawn and garden