Felco Pruner Sheath with Belt Clip
Felco Pruner Sheath with Belt Clip

Holds your pruner or wire-cutter tight and keeps it ready to go! For belt or pocket, high...

Fertilome African Violet Mix

African Violet Mix is a specially formulated with a peat blend that provides good air capacity...

Fertilome Horticultural Charcoal     4 Dry Qt. Bag
Fertilome Horticultural Charcoal

Charcoal acts as a filter to absorb impurities in water and improve air quality. It is...

Fertilome Horticultural Perlite
Fertilome Horticultural Perlite

Perlite is a mineral which is super-heated and pops like popcorn. These lightweight particles...

Fertilome Horticultural Vermiculite                8 Dry Quart Bag
Fertilome Horticultural Vermiculite

Vermiculite is the mineral Mica, super-heated to expand much like a accordion. This mineral is...

Fertilome Orchid Mix                     4 Dry Qt Bag
Fertilome Orchid Mix

Orchid Mix is a blend of sphagnum peat chunks, red fir bark,
hardwood charcoal, and...

Fertilome Seed and Cutting Mix                  8 Dry Quart Bag
Fertilome Seed and Cutting Mix

eed & Cutting Mix is a fine milled lightweight soil formula, including black peat and fine...

Ocean Forest® Potting Soil
Fox Farm Ocean Forest® Potting Soil

Ocean Forest® Potting Soil
Good Things From the Earth and Sea!

Felco 2 Pruners
Pruners, Felco

The Felco 2 is the original model of Felco pruners. We sell a lot of these: the most...

Felco 2 Replacement Blade
Replacement Blade, Felco 2

Felco pruners are strong and lasting, but after years of hard use and repeated sharpening even...

Felco 2 Hand Pruner Replacement Springs     2 pak
Replacement Springs for Felco 2 Hand Pruners

Are your pruners listless and unresponsive? Do they open slowly or not at all? Put the spring...

Gilmour Twin Spot Sprinkler
Twin Spot Sprinkler, Gilmour

A very effective smaller sprinkler for watering  the lawn and garden