Northpole Columnar Apple
Apple, Northpole Columnar

A crisp, juicy, aromatic, McIntosh type apple ripening in late September

Apple, Northwest Greening

Northwest Greening produces a large green fruit that is crisp & tart. Excellent for...

Pink Lady Apple
Apple, Pink Lady

Late season, medium to large sized apple that is orangish red blush over yellow.

Red Baron Apple
Apple, Red Baron

Medium sized yellow-red apple that is crisp, juicy and hs a mild but sweet flavor. Good for...

Red Delicious Apple - image courtesy of Bailey Nurseries
Apple, Red Delicious

This medium-sized solid red fruit is sweet & crisp. Good for fresh eating and salads.

Red Prairie Spy Apple
Apple, Red Prairie Spy

Medium-sized red fruit that is crisp & tart. Best for baking. Very good long-term storage...

Red Regent Apple
Apple, Red Regent

Medium to large red fruit that has a good balance of sweet & tart. Excellent eating and...

 September Wonder Fuji Apple
Apple, September Wonder Fuji

Produces a red apple with some green/yellow, however ripens 4-6 weeks before Fuji. Similar...

 SnowSweet Apple
Apple, SnowSweet®

 A cross between 'Sharon' and 'Connell Red', SnowSweet® has a deliciously sweet, slightly tart...

 State Fair Apple
Apple, State Fair

Medium-sized red striped fruit that is tart & crisp. Good for fresh eating & baking.<...>

Sweet Sixteen Apple
Apple, Sweet Sixteen

Medium-sized red striped fruit that is sweet, crisp and juicy. Excellent dessert apple.

Wealthy Apple
Apple, Wealthy

Bright red-green fruit that is tart, tender, juicy & aromatic. Extremely hardy.