Peter lll Fall Aster
Aster, Peter lll

This fall aster forms bushy clumps, bearing loads of fluffy double soft lavender-blue blossoms...

Pink Bouquet Fall Aster
Aster, Pink Bouquet

Clusters of pink, daisy-like flowers will create a wonderful pop of fall color. Best to trim...

Bear's Breech
Bear's Breech

Dramatic plant with large tropical-looking, deep green, glossy leaves and purple and white...

Bridge's Penstemon
Beardtongue, Bridges

Green bushy foliage with spikes of striking scarlet tubular flowers.  To 8,500’

Native Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot

Lovely violet flowers bloom on aromatic foliage, this native is usually found in wetter areas...

Purple Weeping European Beech
Beech, Weeping Purple European

Shrubby, weeping, purple-leaved form with a mushroom shape. No central leader. Grows to about...

Cutleaf Weeping Birch
Birch, Cutleaf Weeping

Delicately cut foliage and silvery-white bark add to the beauty of this tree. Requires...

Walker Weeping Caragana
Caragana, Walker Weeping

Finely cut, light green foliage on weeping branches gives this small grafted tree a fern-like...

Weeping Caragana
Caragana, Weeping

Grafted on a four foot standard. Fine texture foliage and yellow flowers in spring make it an...

Candy Cat Catmint
Catmint, Candy Cat

Forms a rounded upright clump of glossy dark green leaves and atop  pale lavender-pink flowers...

Cool Cat Catmint
Catmint, Cool Cat

Upright rounded shape which blooms lilac blue from early summer to mid summer.

Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry
Cherry, Snow Fountains Weeping

A gracefully weeping, finely branched tree. Smaller than other weeping cherries with a...