Crown of Snow Obedient Plant
Obedient Plant, Crown Of Snow

Produces dazzling, tubular, white flowers which form a spike and the flowers can be...

Variegated Obedient Plant
Obedient Plant, Variegated

Upright, bushy clump of light green leaves that are rimmed with white. Spikes of lavender pink...

Vivid Obedient Plant
Obedient Plant, Vivid

Deep pink spike flowers rise above green foilage. Obedient plant  makes a great plant for the...

White Sheild Osage Orange
Osage Orange, White Shield

Heat and drought resistant, thornless and fruitless, Dark green glossy leaves

Bali Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon, Bali

Bali is a multi stem large shrub with semi double flowers with a red throat and has a upright...

Morden Sunrise Rose
Rose, Morden Sunrise

A Parkland series rose.  Very cold hardy.  This rose blooms prolifically, producing 3" semi...

Crater Lake Blue Speedwell
Speedwell, Crater Lake Blue

Syn. V. austriaca ssp. teucrium. Shear back after flowering to encourage Fall rebloom. To 8...

Hot Lips Turtlehead
Turtlehead, Hot Lips

This moisture lover adds color to the late season garden and is great for pondside planting....