Powis Castle Artemisia
Artemisia, Powis Castle

Fragrant foliage perennial with finely textured silver-gray foliage. Prefers dry, sandy soil...

Sea Foam Artemisia
Artemisia, Sea Foam

Plant Select 2004    Swirling, curly, filigreed leaves add nice texture to the garden.. A low...

Silvermound Artemisia
Artemisia, Silver Mound

Finely cut, fragrant, silver foliage, gives a soft effect in the garden. Heat and drought...

Professor Kippenburg Fall Aster
Aster, Professor Kippenburg

Excellent compact perennial for borders and small gardens with clear blue, yellow centered...

Gold Ball Basket of Gold
Basket of Gold, Gold Ball

Easy care perennial for a burst of early spring color. Can withstand poor soils and is drought...

Carolyn's Hope Penstemon
Beardtongue, Carolyn's Hope

2014 Plant Select. Carolyn's Hope has tubular, medium pink flowers with a white throat that...

Mersea Yellow Penstemon
Beardtongue, Mersea Yellow

A mounding form of pineleaf penstemon with bright yellow tubular flowers that cover the plant...

Cherry Bells Bellflower
Bellflower, Cherry Bells

Cherry red flowers hang on slender upright stems from late spring into summer. Prefers winter...

 Joan Elliot Bellflower
Bellflower, Joan Elliiot

Purple clusters of bell-shaped flowers bloom extensively in the garden in early summer. Joan...

Pink Octopus Bellflower
Bellflower, Pink Octopus

Soft pink, weeping buds spray downward over deeply cut dark green foliage.

Superba Bellflower
Bellflower, Superba

Superba will produce a showy clusters of rich purple bell-shaped flowers, over a dense mat of...

Goldilocks Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Goldilocks

Gold, double flowers can reach 5” across! Seedheads provide winter interest and attract birds....