Ava Agastache
Agastache, Ava

The flowers are rose pink, sweetly fragrant flowers and foliage that attracts hummingbirds...

Magic Fall Aster
Aster, Magic

A fall aster with rich purple flowers, a compact size and uniform growth tha provides late...

Pink Magic Fall Aster
Aster, Pink Magic

Bright pink, daisy-like flowers in early fall. Flowers attract butterflies and are excellent...

Puff Fall Aster
Aster, Puff

Bright snow white daisy-like aster with yellow center will give new life to the end of the...

Red Sentinel Astilbe
Astilbe, Red Sentinel

Showy, scarlet red plumes are a popular cut flower for shade gardens. 

Visions Astilbe
Astilbe, Visions

Dwarf astilbe with thick, upright plumes of sweetly scented, raspberry-purple blooms in mid...

Dark Towers Beardtongue
Beardtongue, Dark Towers

The foliage is bronze-red, mounding and produces tall stems that will be covered with tubular...

Prairie Twilight Penstemon
Beardtongue, Prairie Twilight

Black upright stems holding clusters of dusty rose-pink with a white throat, tubular flowers,...

Grand Marshall Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Grand Marshall

The deep green foliage is delightfully fragrant and in mid summer this Bee Balm will be...

Denver Daisy Rudbeckia
Black Eyed Susan, Denver Daisy

Bicolored flowers can be as big as 5” across! Denver Daisy has yellow flower which has a...

Black Bugbane
Bugbane, Black

Long lasting, very fragrant white flower spikes in late summer, top a dramatic clump of purple...

Snowball Bush
Bush, Snowball

Balls of pure white flowers in May, no fruit.  Red-orange fall color.