Fireberry Astilbe
Astilbe, Fireberry

Vibrant raspberry pink blossoms rise above a short clump of green foliage. Asilbe do best in...

Fireball Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Fireball

A shorter Bee Balm with upright stems that burst with ruby red flowers in summer.

Six Hills Nepeta
Catmint, Six Hills

Taller selection with gray-green foliage that is covered in lavender blue flowers that have a...

Sweet Dreams Nepeta
Catmint, Sweet Dreams

Unusual nepeta with upright clumping stems of aromatic serrated foliage with soft two-tone...

Excelsior hybrids Foxglove
Foxglove, Excelsior Hybrids

Thimble-like purple flowers on slender leaves. Deer and rabbit resistant. To 7,500'

Spanish Peaks Foxglove
Foxglove, Spanish Peaks

Plant Select 1999   Spikes of 12" pink flowers over a trim mat of fury foliage.

Sunset Foxglove
Foxglove, Sunset

Plant Select 2004    Narrow, slender leaves on erect stems that end in racemes of tubular...

Hot Rod Switch Grass
Grass, Hot Rod Switch Grass

Foliage is blue- green then changes to a deep burgundy in summer. Fall color is red. Produces...

Butter and Sugar Siberian Iris
Iris, Siberian Butter and Sugar

This Siberian Iris form clumps of upright grass like foliage with butterfly like flowers of...

Caesars Brother Siberian Iris
Iris, Siberian Caesar's Brother

Caesar's Brother forms a upright clump of grass like foliage and in late spring to ealry...

Siberian Iris Halcyon Seas
Iris, Siberian Halcyon Seas

Large, medium-blue flowers on graceful stems are held high above the dark green, slender,...

Iris, Siberian Heliotrope Bouquet

Heliotrope Bouquet produces burgundy flowers with white streaks on ridged stems above slender...