Prairie Jewel Beardtongue
Beardtongue, Prairie Jewel

Prairie Jewel penstemon is definitely one of the more unique and drought tolerate varieties...

Solar Flares Echincea
Coneflower, Big Sky Solar Flares

Fragrant blooms made up of fiery orange-red petals that surround a dark cone. Blooms appear...

Double Scoop Mandarin Echincea
Coneflower, Double Scoop Mandarin

Starts to bloom mid summer and the blossoms are large, double flowers with a mandarin orange...

Double Scoop Raspberry Echincea
Coneflower, Double Scoop Raspberry

This variety produces large, double flowers with a raspberry-rose centre cushion on dark green...

Fatal Attraction Echincea
Coneflower, Fatal Attraction

This coneflower variety has intense purple-pink flowers with a nearly black central cone, the...

Purple Smoke False Indigo
False Indigo, Purple Smoke

Blue-purple flowers over green clover like foliage on unique charcoal stems. Large seed pods...

Solar Flare Prairieblues False Indigo
False Indigo, Solar Flare Prairieblues

Tall spikes of lupine-like flowers start out a brilliant yellow and fade to a deep orange as...

Twilight Prairieblues False Indigo
False Indigo, Twilight Prairieblues

This native hybrid stands out with its early summer display of deep violet-purple flowers...

Chater's Double Pink Hollyhock
Hollyhock, Chater's Double Pink

A double-flowered hollyhock with flower spikes of  3-5" pink, ruffled blooms.


Chater's Double Yellow Hollyhocks
Hollyhock, Chater's Double Yellow

A double-flowered hollyhock with flower spikes of 3-5" yellow, ruffled blooms.

Little Bluestem
Little Bluestem

Native, upright blue grass which changes to rich orangey wheat color in the fall and winter....

The Blues Little Blue Stem Grass
Little Bluestem, The Blues

Similar to Little Bluestem but the foliage is especially blue in color.