Thinleaf Alder
Alder, Thinleaf

A native tree found growing along valleys and streams. Known for its female catkins and...

Lucky Charm Anemone
Anemone, Lucky Charm

The stems are dark purple, almost black, while the flower buds are a medium violet. Lucky...

Pamina Anemone
Anemone, Pamina

 Dark semi-double, a rosy purple-pink, may be the darkest of the anemone.

Autumn Moor Grass
Autumn Moor Grass

A clumping grass with stiff, narrow blades that are bright green with a yellow cast. Produces...

Elfin Pink Penstemon
Beardtongue, Elfin Pink

Small clump forming perennial with pink, two-lipped, tubular flowers on upright stems.

Husker Red Penstemon
Beardtongue, Husker Red

A clump forming perennial with stunning maroon leaves with upright stems and white tubular...

Fire Marshall Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Fire Marshall

Fire Marshall has large deep red flowers and a wonderful fragrance.

Fire Island Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart, Fire Island

A new mid sized variety that can tolerate more sun, not full sun in Colorado. This beauty has...

Gold Heart Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart, Gold Heart

This one will brighten your shade garden with it's chartreuse foliage and traditional heart...

Ivory Hearts Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart, Ivory Hearts

A dwarf variety with finely cut, blue green foliage which produces long stalks with white...