Haralred Apple
Apple, Haralred

A medium-sized red fruit thatis firm, juicy, sweet & tart. Excellent fresh eating, baking....

Haralson Apple - image courtesy of Bailey Nurseries
Apple, Haralson

A medium-sized red fruit that is firm, crisp & tart. Great for fresh eating, baking, and...

Hazen Apple
Apple, Hazen

Large dark red fruit. Tender, juicy & sweet, semi-tart. Good eating, baking, & dessert...

Lodi Apple
Apple, Lodi

A medium-sized yellow fruit that is crisp & tart. Good for pies and sauce.

Apple, Northwest Greening

Northwest Greening produces a large green fruit that is crisp & tart. Excellent for...

Red Baron Apple
Apple, Red Baron

Medium sized yellow-red apple that is crisp, juicy and hs a mild but sweet flavor. Good for...

 State Fair Apple
Apple, State Fair

Medium-sized red striped fruit that is tart & crisp. Good for fresh eating & baking.<...>

Sweet Sixteen Apple
Apple, Sweet Sixteen

Medium-sized red striped fruit that is sweet, crisp and juicy. Excellent dessert apple.

Yellow Transparent Apple
Apple, Yellow Transparent

Skin is clear yellow and flesh is white, firm, crisp, & juicy. Good for eating but really...

Brookcot Apricot
Apricot, Brookcot

Bright yellowish orange with a red blush, fruit is juicy with good flavor for fresh eating or...

Apricot, Scout

Scout a freestone fruit that is semi tart, firm and is good for cooking and canning. Scout is...


White flowers in June, followed by blue-black berries.