Elsa Spaeth Clematis
Clematis, Elsa Spaeth

Purple flower with white filaments, red anthers, compact grower.

Ernest Markham Clematis
Clematis, Ernest Markham

Large magenta flowers with golden stamens. Providing excellent color in July and August, this...

Golden Tiara Clematis
Clematis, Golden Tiara

Golden flowers with thick petals and blackish-purple stamens

Guernsey Cream Clematis
Clematis, Guernsey Cream

Light yellow flowers with green bars on each petal which gratually fade to creamy white.

Hagley Hybrid Clematis
Clematis, Hagley Hybrid

Shell pink flowers with ruffly edges, pink anthers

Henryi Clematis
Clematis, Henyri

Wide petal, white flowers that have coffee colored anthers on white filaments

Hyde Hall Clematis
Clematis, Hyde Hall

White flowers that often have a pink tinge, light chocolate brown anthers

Ice Blue Clematis
Clematis, Ice Blue

White flowers with a tinge of blue and a yellow center

 Jackmanii Clematis
Clematis, Jackmanii

Dark purple flower velvety flowers, profuse bloomer.

Josephine Clematis
Clematis, Josephine

 The flower consists of pink frilly petals surrounded by larger petals that are pink with a...

Killian Donahue Clematis
Clematis, Killian Donahue

Ruby center, fuchsia then orchid at edge. Flowers fade to lavender. Heavy summer bloomer

Multi Blue Clematis
Clematis, Multi Blue

Dark blue to purple double flowers.