American Bittersweet
American Bittersweet

A twining vine for any area. Orange berries in late summer split open to reveal red seeds...

Amethyst Beauty Clematis
Clematis, Amethyst Beauty

Deep purple flower with red anthers, jewell toned blooms

 Anna Louise Clematis
Clematis, Anna Louise

Violet Flower with red-purple bar and red anthers

Barbara Harrington Clematis
Clematis, Barbara Harrington

Magenta flowers with darker borders and yellow anthers, pointed petals

Bernadine Boulevard Clematis
Clematis, Bernadine Boulevard

 Light blue single flowers bloom in late spring through early summer.A great plant to brighten...

Bourbon Clematis
Clematis, Bourbon

Miniature plant with full blooms.  Loves containers or garden bed.

Cherokee Clematis
Clematis, Cherokee

Two toned flowers Dusky pink flowers with darker bars in the middle of each petal

Comtesse De Bouchard Clematis
Clematis, Comtesse De Bouchard

Pink semi-double flowers with, yellow stamens

Crystal Fountain Clematis
Clematis, Crystal Fountain

A wonderful re-blooming clematis with purple flowers and an abundant amount of white stamens,...

Diamond Ball Clematis
Clematis, Diamond Ball

This prolific bloomer has cool white-blue flowers are round. Blooms June to August.

Dr. Ruppel Clematis
Clematis, Dr. Ruppel

Pink flower with deep red bar and ruffled petals.