Dutchman's Pipe
Dutchman's Pipe

Vigorous climbing vine with large dark green leaves that offers dense shade. Flowers are brown...

Issai Hardy Kiwi
Kiwi, Issai Hardy

Reportedly self-fertile but crops will be heavier and more reliable if planted with a male. ...

Artic Beauty Kiwi
Kiwi, Arctic Beauty

A deciduous twining vine with purple foliage at a young age.  A male selection with attractive...

Porcelain Berry Vine
Porcelain Berry, Elegans

Vigorous vine with leaves emerging greenish white, tinged in pink, becoming variegated with...

Trumpet Vine
Trumpet Vine

Large trumpet-shaped flowers in summer.  Excellent hummingbird and butterfly attractant. ...

Yellow Trumpet Vine
Trumpet Vine, Yellow

Very vigorous grower.  Compound leaves are a good background for the bright tubular flowers in...

American Bittersweet
American Bittersweet

A twining vine for any area. Orange berries in late summer split open to reveal red seeds...

Crystal Fountain Clematis
Clematis, Crystal Fountain

A wonderful re-blooming clematis with purple flowers and an abundant amount of white stamens,...

Ramona Clematis
Clematis, Ramona

Large purple flowers in early summer, make this a standout in the landscape. Heavy bloomer.

Bourbon Clematis
Clematis, Bourbon

Miniature plant with full blooms.  Loves containers or garden bed.

Ernest Markham Clematis
Clematis, Ernest Markham

Large magenta flowers with golden stamens. Providing excellent color in July and August, this...

Killian Donahue Clematis
Clematis, Killian Donahue

Ruby center, fuchsia then orchid at edge. Flowers fade to lavender. Heavy summer bloomer