Umbrella Catalpa
Catalpa, Umbrella

A dwarf, bushy rounded tree grafted on a six foot standard to produce a mushroom or globe...

Kwanzan Cherry
Cherry, Kwanzan

Stiffly vase shaped form offering dark green foliage and large show-stopping double pink...

Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry
Cherry, Snow Fountains Weeping

A gracefully weeping, finely branched tree. Smaller than other weeping cherries with a...

Canada Red Chokecherry blossoms
Chokecherry, Canada Red

New growth is green, turning maroon-red as leaves mature. Fragrant spring flowers and dark...

Sucker Punch Chokecherry
Chokecherry, Sucker Punch

A chokecherry selection that doesn't sucker. New leaves emerge green and turn deep purple with...

His Majesty corktree bark
Corktree, His Majesty

A rounded and more open form. This slightly hardier variety of corktree has stout branches,...

Highland Cottonwood
Cottonwood, Highland

Introduction from Highland Nursery in Greeley, CO. Fast-growing, seedless. Smaller variety...

Lanceleaf Cottonwood
Cottonwood, Lanceleaf

Slender, native tree with oval head. Medium sized leaves with a yellow fall color. Rapid...

Narrowleaf Cottonwood
Cottonwood, Narrowleaf

A vertical growing native with willow-like foliage. Fall foliage is a brilliant yellow. ...

Plains Cottonwood
Cottonwood, Plains

Fast growing, cottonless tree. The 'old timer' found on the plains. Tolerates moist soil well....

Adams Crabapple
Crabapple, Adams

Dense, rounded canopy with greenish red foliage and persistent 5/8" carmine red fruit. Disease...

Adirondack Crabapple
Crabapple, Adirondack

A compact, dense crab with an upright form and 1/2" orange-red fruit.