Columbia Planetree
Sycamore, Columbia

A erect, single-trunked, large deciduous tree. The new bark is yellow-green in summer turns to...

Pekin Tree Lilac
Tree Lilac, Pekin

The fragrant flowers occur on this tree in June. The bark gives year round interest with its...

Tuliptree bloom

A.K.A. Yellow Poplar. A large fast growing tree, native to the eastern U.S. Flowers are large...

Black Tupelo Fall Color
Tupelo, Black

Displaying various hues of yellow, orange, bright red and purple and often on the same branch....

Red Rage Tupelo
Tupelo, Red Rage

Dark green glossy foliage in summer and with the onset of fall the foliage turns bright red.

Wildfire Tupelo Leaf
Tupelo, Wildfire

This tree has a broad pyramidal growth habit and very slow reddish purple new growth in the...

Wayfaringtree - Tree Form
Wayfaringtree - Tree Form

A small tree or large shrub with a rounded head. Blooms in spring followed by crimson fruit...

Swedish Whitebeam
Whitebeam, Swedish

Most noted for the clusters of white flowers that emerge in May, this tree is a beautiful...

Nishiki Willow
Willow, Dappled - Tree form

A.K.A. Nishiki Willow.  Bright pink shoots open to creamy white and green variegated leaves....

Willow, Dwarf Arctic - Tree Form

Dwarf arctic willow grafted onto a standard.  Slender blue-green leaves that form an extremely...

Globe Willow
Willow, Globe

A tough, hardy medium sized tree with a round, umbrella shape with upright branches and...

Golden Weeping Willow
Willow, Golden Weeping

Very hardy, fast-growing tree. Wide-spreading head with long drooping branches. Golden-bark...