Blue Stem Willow
Willow, Blue Stem

Silver-blue branches on this rounded shrub give nice color and texture. Catkins are yellow...

Coyote Willow
Willow, Coyote

A.K.A. Sandbar Willow. Slender arching branches are golden yellow with fuzzy catkins in spring...

Willow, Dappled

A.K.A. Nishiki Willow. Foliage is variegated green, pink & white.  Some leaves are all...

Blue Arctic Willow
Willow, Dwarf Arctic

Fine blue foliage. Purple twigs in winter. Hardy, attractive shrub that makes a good hedge. ...

Flame Willow
Willow, Flame

Bright green foliage that curls upward and inward. Orange-red bark gives good winter interest....

French Pussy Willow
Willow, French Pussy

Fuzzy catkins 1"-2" long appear before leaves emerge in March-April. Likes moist locations.

Peachleaf Willow
Willow, Peachleaf

An upright, fast growing willow, having lance shaped leaves similar to a peach tree. Prefers...


Native shrub with upright irregular branching habit. Foliage is a woolly gray-green color....

Royal Gold Woadwaxen
Woadwaxen, Royal Gold

Low-growing selection with numerous golden yellow flowers in July. Grows well in poor, dry...

Adams Needle Yucca
Yucca, Adam's Needle

Broad leaves with creamy-white blooms above foliage on spike. Flowers and fruit is edible....

Yucca Baccata
Yucca, Banana

This Yucca is in the agave family. One of the most attractive Yuccas.  Leaves are stiff...

Bright edge Yucca
Yucca, Bright Edge

Similar in habit to Adam’s Needle.  Each leaf has a soft green color with vivid yellow margins...