Spirea, Flaming Mound

Compact mounding medium shrub with foliage emerging flaming red aging to golden yellow. 

Flowering Choice Spirea
Spirea, Flowering Choice

A small, compact rounded form, Flowering Choice has something for every season beginning with...

Frobel Spirea
Spirea, Frobel

Blooms throughout summer.  Dwarf shrub with masses of flowers in clusters and attractive fall...

Goldflame Spirea
Spirea, Goldflame

Mixed gold and bronze color foliage.  Pink flower clusters in summer.  May die back in winter...

Goldmound Spirea
Spirea, Goldmound

Bushy plant with creamy yellow leaves all season.  Blooms abundantly in June-July.

Grefshiem Spirea
Spirea, Grefshiem

Dense shrub with arching branches and narrow grey-green leaves.  Masses of blooms cascade down...

Japanese White Spirea
Spirea, Japanese White

Dwarf type with blooms in July and August. Very easy care plant for small spaces.

Little Princess Spirea
Spirea, Little Princess

Dwarf specimen with blooms all summer. Great easy care shrub for with good fall color. 

Magic Carpet Spirea
Spirea, Magic Carpet

Vibrant red shoots emerge in spring and mature to rich bronze.  Clusters of flowers cover the...

Neon Flash Spirea
Spirea, Neon Flash

A fast growing spirea with masses of flower clusters for most of the season.  New growth...

Spirea, Petit Blue
Spirea, Petit Blue

A compact, dense variety of bluebeard having dark green, aromatic foliage and blue flowers...

Pink Parasols Spirea
Spirea, Pink Parasols

Pink Parasols forms a mound wider than it is tall, has large clusters of pink flowers in May...