Barberry, Mentor

Drought tolerant hybrid known for its semi-evergreen foliage and gnarly three pronged thorns....

Ruby Carousel Barberry
Barberry, Ruby Carousel

Red barberry chosen for its excellent red color and low, rounded uniform growth habit. 

Burning Bush
Burning Bush

Bright red fall color. Dense grower with cork-winged twigs.

Compact Burning Bush Fall Color
Burning Bush, Compact

Dense green foliage turning to bright red in fall. Compact form of Burning Bush.

Burning Bush, Grove Compact

A great new euonymus that is an improvement over regular compact burning bush. The wings are...

Honeysuckle Butterfly Bush
Bush Honeysuckle, Butterfly

Rich yellow flowers are held in upright clusters from May till July and bright green foliage...

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Miss Ruby

Noted for its compact habit and remarkably vivid magenta flowers are fragrant and vibrant and...

Oregon Grape Holly
Holly, Oregon Grape

Yellow flowers are followede by blue berries in late summer that resemble grapes.  Leaves turn...

Carefree Sunshine Rose
Rose, Carefree Sunshine

This rounded shrub rose produces clusters of 3-3.5" semi-double yellow flowers.  One of the...

Sunny Knock Out Rose
Rose, Sunny Knock Out

A member of the Knock Out family of roses.  Blooms are bright yellow single blooms that fade...

Hidcote St. John's Wort
St. John's Wort, Hidcote

Fragrant yellow flowers, 2" in diameter June-October. Dies to the ground every winter, treat...

Three Leaf Sumac
Sumac, Three-leaf

Slow growing, aromatic, hardy shrub of medium height. Can stand much drought and abuse. Native...