Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Miss Ruby

Noted for its compact habit and remarkably vivid magenta flowers are fragrant and vibrant and...

Hydrangea, Pinky Winky
Hydrangea, Pinky Winky

Pinky Winky™ resembles its parent 'Pink Diamond' in size and hardiness. The difference is in...

Purple Leaf Plum
Plum, Purple Leaf

Deep purple-red plum like foliage with new growth maturing to bronze green.  A great accent...

All the Rage Rose
Rose, All the Rage

Rounded form with Semi-double, apricot-pink summer blooms with bright yellow centers, mature...

Bonica Shrub Rose
Rose, Bonica

This Meidiland introduction shrub rose has made a name for itself in the plant world since its...

Pink Double Knock Out® Rose
Rose, Pink Double Knock Out®

Bright pink double flowers with a slight spicy fragrance. 

Pink Knock Out® Rose
Rose, Pink Knock Out®

A fairly maintenance free shrub rose in that there is no deadheading of spent flowers as the...

Pink Meidiland Shrub Rose
Rose, Pink Meidiland

This rounded shrub rose produces 2-2.5" single pink blooms throughout the season. Everblooming...

Young Lady Smokebush
Smokebush, Young Lady

An exciting new smokebush which blooms as a young plant and blooms like crazy. Almost every...