Bonica Shrub Rose
Rose, Bonica

This Meidiland introduction shrub rose has made a name for itself in the plant world since its...

Carefree Beauty Rose
Rose, Carefree Beauty

This shrub rose was bred at Iowa State University to withstand the harsh winters of the...

Carefree Sunshine Rose
Rose, Carefree Sunshine

This rounded shrub rose produces clusters of 3-3.5" semi-double yellow flowers.  One of the...

Coral Cove Rose
Rose, Coral Cove

This everblooming, small rounded shrub has double blooms whose outer petals are dark pink...

Hansa Rose
Rose, Hansa

This very tough rose has been beautifying gardens for over a century!  Hansa is one of the...

Home Run Rose
Rose, Home Run

This rounded rose is a prolific producer of 2" single blooms.  Excellent disease resistance,...

Hope For Humanity Rose
Rose, Hope For Humanity

Hope for Humanity is an introduction in the Parkland Series of roses from Canada.  This rose...

Knockout Rose
Rose, Knock Out

Knock Out is one of the most used shrub roses of late, and with good reason.  This rose has an...

Magnifica Rose
Rose, Magnifica

Magnifica is an old cultivar of rugosa rose, introduced in 1905.  Very cold hardy, produces 3"...

Morden Blush Rose
Rose, Morden Blush

This member of the Parkland Series is extremely cold hardy.  Morden Blush produces 1.5-3"...

Nearly Wild Rose
Rose, Nearly Wild

Floribunda type rose.  Produces clusters 2-3" single pink blooms with white center. ...

Pink Double Knock Out® Rose
Rose, Pink Double Knock Out®

Bright pink double flowers with a slight spicy fragrance.