Apache Plume

Small densely branched shrub with small, scale-like gray green foliage. White potentilla-like...

Snowball Bush
Bush, Snowball

Balls of pure white flowers in May, no fruit.  Red-orange fall color.

Butterfly Bush, L&B Ice Chip
Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold Ice Chip

Ice Chip has a dwarf spreading habit and is covered in white flowers all summer. Cut back to 6...

White Bouquet Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, White Bouquet

Upright shrub with slender, arching stems and narrow green foliage. Terminal flower spikes are...

 Dwarf Red Tipped Dogwood
Dogwood, Dwarf Red Tipped

A dwarf, slow-growing dogwood typically growing into a shrubby mound. New foliage emerges...

Silver & Gold Dogwood
Dogwood, Silver & Gold

Variegated form of yellowtwig dogwood with leaves edged with creamy white margin. Stems yellow...

Gnome Pyracantha
Firethorn, Gnome

Broadleaf evergreen. Blooms in spring are followed by orange fall berries that are very...

White Forsythia
Forsythia, White

One of the first shrubs to flower in the spring, this rounded shrub has white forythia type...

Annabelle Hydrangea
Hydrangea, Annabelle

Large white balls of flowers in Summer. Prefers part-shade to shade and medium-moist...

Incrediball Hydrangea
Hydrangea, Incrediball

Large balls of flowers in summer, blooms on new wood. Very sturdy stems keep the large (12"+)...

Mount Baker Lilac
Lilac, Mount Baker

.  These extremely hardy lilacs flower about a week to ten days prior to S. vulgaris hybrids. ...

Mexican Cliffrose
Mexican Cliffrose

Native, multi-stemmed shrub. Leaves are deeply toothed and flowers are similar to a miniature...