Lena Broom
Broom, Lena

Lena has tiny leaves, fragrant lemon yellow and ruby red pea like flowers in spring, and is...

Lilac Time Scotch Broom
Broom, Lilac Time

Lilac Time grows in a tight mound, has fragrant lavander pea like flowers in May and June.

L&B Blue Chip Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold Blue Chip

The first in the Lo & Behold Series. This dwarf Butterfly bush will bloom blue spike like...

Petite Indigo Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Petite Indigo

Petite Indigo will provide color for the garden all summer. Cut back to 6" in spring.

Petite Plum Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Petite Plum

Petite Plum will have fragrant reddish purple blooms throughout the summer. Cut back to 6" in...

Petite Snow Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Petite Snow

Petite Snow is a dwarf form with white flowers that will bloom starting early summer and...

Many-Flowered Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster, Many-Flowered

Has small white fragrant flowers and leaves with a blue-green color. Foliage turns yellow...

Firedance Dogwood
Dogwood, Firedance

White spring flowers are replaced with white berries white the birds love.Firedance is a more...

Hedgerow's Gold Dogwood
Dogwood, Hedgerow's Gold

A beautiful selection of redtwig dogwood. Attractive golden margins surrounds the emerald...

Bluestem Joint Fir
Joint Fir, Bluestem

Unique mounding shrub with upright, slender blue stems, which are the leaflets. Striking...

Lilac, Tinkerbelle
Lilac, Tinkerbelle

This dwarf lilac has a pleasing spice fragrance and wine-red buds opening to deep pink flowers...

Amber Jubilee Ninebark
Ninebark, Amber Jubilee

A medium shrub with unique spicy foliage diplay that mixes green, brillant oranges and yellows...