Royal Burgundy Barberry
Barberry, Royal Burgundy

A improved selection from Crimson Pygmy with richer burgundy foliage that holds it's color...

Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle
Bush Honeysuckle, Dwarf

Mound-shaped spreading habit offering bronze-green foliage and small yellow flowers.

Lo & Behold Lilac Chip Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold Lilac Chip

Soft lavender-pink flowers are fragrant and attract butterflies. Reblooms until frost. Dwarf....

L&B Purple Haze Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Lo & Behold Purple Haze

One of the Lo and Behold series Butterfly Bushes that features showy, fragrant purple flowers...

Pugster Amethyst Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, Pugster Amethyst

Blooming non stop starting in early Summer and going through frost on a dwarf bush. Full...

Tom Thumb Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster, Tom Thumb

Mounded variety which is more tight and compact. Has red fall color and is useful in borders...

Scent and Sensability Lilac
Lilac, Scent and Sensability

Wider than it is tall, and produces dark pink buds which open to soft, lilac-pink flowers that...

Dwarf Blue Rabbitbrush
Rabbitbrush, Dwarf Blue

A compact shrub with light green stems and blue-green foliage. Small yellow flowers appear in...

Tall Green Rabbitbrush
Rabbitbrush, Tall Green

Similar to C. nauseosus but the leaf color is a brighter green.

Calypso Easy Elegance Shrub Rose
Rose, Calypso

Delightful apricot blooms on a compact mounded shrub rose with dark glossy green foliage....

Ruby Meidiland Rose
Rose, Ruby Meidiland

This rose has a nice mounding habit and produces clusters 1.5" semi-double blooms in flushes...

Goldflame Spirea
Spirea, Goldflame

Mixed gold and bronze color foliage.  Pink flower clusters in summer.  May die back in winter...