Antelope Bitterbrush
Antelope Bitterbrush

Semi-evergreen shrub. Dark green leaves with a silver underside. Flowers are very fragrant. ...

Canada Red Chokecherry
Chokecherry, Canada Red

New growth is green, turning maroon-red as leaves mature. This shrub boasts pendulous,...

Western Chokecherry
Chokecherry, Western

Shrub or small tree. Fragrant, pendulous spring flowers are followed by red fruit that matures...

Hedge Cotoneaster Fall Color
Cotoneaster, Hedge

Dark green glossy foliage, hardy. Beautiful yellow-red autumn color. Black berries in fall and...

Cardinal Dogwood
Dogwood, Cardinal

Salmon winter twig color. White flowers in late spring give way to whitish berries that...

Black Beauty Elder Flower
Elder, Black Beauty

Fast growing elder variety with striking dark purple-black foliage. Rich pink lemon scented...

Meadowlark Forsythia
Forsythia, Meadowlark

This variety of forsythia was bred for its superior flower bud hardiness.  Bright yellow...

 Northern Sun Forsythia
Forsythia, Northern Sun

A forsythia with clear yellow flowers that emerge in April followed by dark green, serrated...

Lilac, Dappled Dawn
Lilac, Dappled Dawn

This lilac keeps your interest throughout the growing season with the unusual foliage.  Single...

Golden Mockorange
Mockorange, Golden

Golden foliage on a compact shrub. Fragrant white flowers in June. Needs a protected area.

Minnesota Snowflake Mockorange
Mockorange, Minnesota Snowflake

Beautiful, fragrant, semi-double blossoms cover this variety of mockorange in late spring...

Mountain Mahogany, Curl Leaf
Mountain Mahogany, Curl Leaf

Drought-hardy native. Leathery leaves are rolled underneath. Foliage remains green most...