The Blues Little Blue Stem Grass
Little Bluestem, The Blues

Similar to Little Bluestem but the foliage is especially blue in color.

Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass

Graceful clumping grass with fine texture due to thin leaves. Medium green with silver midrib....

Adagio Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Adagio

Compact, dwarf clumping grass. Plumes emerge pink, turn white in fall. Good choice for small...

Dixieland Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Dixieland

Compact variegated maiden grass with white-striped blades. Silky pink plumes appear in late...

Japanese Variegated Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Japanese Variegated

Clumping, warm season grass with whisk like plumes and seed. Silvery-tan to reddish purple...

Little Fountain Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Little Fountain

Very narrow leaves with red-brown flower aging to silver-pink. Compact fountain-like habit.

Little Kitten Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Little Kitten

This compact form of Maiden grass has narrow leaves with a silver midrib. Silvery plumes.

Maiden Grass, Morning Light
Maiden Grass, Morning Light

Silver foliage color displaying good color in the fall. One of the hardier varieties. Plumes...

Maiden Grass, Porcupine
Maiden Grass, Porcupine

Clump grass similar to Zebra Grass, but more upright, dense in stiff in habit. Very showy...

Maiden Grass, Purple Flame
Maiden Grass, Purple Flame

Satiny magenta-colored foliage in late summer with silky white plumes. Bright red fall color...

Red-Silver Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Red-Sliver

Narrow, silvery foliage topped with red flowers in the fall.

Sarabande Miscanthus Grass
Maiden Grass, Sarabande

Narrow selection having rich green blades with a white midrib.