Blue Muffin Arrowwood
Arrowwood, Blue Muffin

A new compact form of viburnum that is covered with beautiful white flowers in the spring and...

Yellow Grove Bamboo
Bamboo, Yellow Grove

A hardy bamboo that has a yellow strip on a dark green culm. This is one of the hardiest...

Big Bluestem
Big Bluestem

A native American prairie grass.  Erect clumps of arching linear blue-green leaves changing to...

Green Mountain Boxwood
Boxwood, Green Mountain

A vigorous, yet compact, upright grower with dark green, glossy foliage. Should be planted in...

Upright Red Chokeberry
Chokeberry, Upright Red

A very upright form of red chokeberry with white flowers in May, red persistent fruit to...

 Szechuan Fire Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster, Szechuan Fire

Tolerates full sun and has low to modeate water needs. Extremely hardy shrub with 1/4" dark...

Feather Reed, Avalanche
Feather Reed, Avalanche

An upright plant with variegated foliage: large white center with a green edge. Silvery golden...

Feather Reed, Eldorado
Feather Reed, Eldorado

This variegated form of Karl Foerester has striking foliage with bright golden-yellow centers...

Feather Reed, Karl Foerster
Feather Reed, Karl Foerster

Clomps of rich green foliage with golden brown flower spikes to 6' tall.  Good xeriscape plant...

Feather Reed, Overdam
Feather Reed, Overdam

An upright plant with variegated foliage: green centers with white edges. Golden seed heads.

Foxlight Ruby Glow Foxglove
Foxglove, Foxlight Ruby Glow

The flowers are a deep ruby with a glowing center and fill a towering spike and will bloom all...