Upright Red Chokeberry
Chokeberry, Upright Red

A very upright form of red chokeberry with white flowers in May, red persistent fruit to...

 Szechuan Fire Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster, Szechuan Fire

Tolerates full sun and has low to modeate water needs. Extremely hardy shrub with 1/4" dark...

Feather Reed, Karl Foerster
Feather Reed, Karl Foerster

Clomps of rich green foliage with golden brown flower spikes to 6' tall.  Good xeriscape plant...

Giant Sacaton Grass
Giant Sacaton Grass

The leaf blades are blue-green. It's a vigorous grower and adaptable to a variety of soils as...

Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass

Graceful clumping grass with fine texture due to thin leaves. Medium green with silver midrib....

Little Kitten Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Little Kitten

This compact form of Maiden grass has narrow leaves with a silver midrib. Silvery plumes.

Maiden Grass, Purple Flame
Maiden Grass, Purple Flame

Satiny magenta-colored foliage in late summer with silky white plumes. Bright red fall color...

Red-Silver Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Red-Sliver

Narrow, silvery foliage topped with red flowers in the fall.

Maiden Grass, Silver Feather
Maiden Grass, Silver Feather

Free flowering maiden grass with silvery to pale pinkish brown panicles in early to mid-autumn...

Sugar Tip® America Irene Scott Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon, Sugar Tip® America Irene Scott

This eye-catching Rose of Sharon has brightly variegated creamy-white and bluish-green foliage...

Carefree Wonder Rose
Rose, Carefree Wonder

Carefree wonder is an upright, bushy shrub rose with 3-4" double pink blooms that are produced...

Morden Fireglow Rose
Rose, Morden Fireglow

A Parkland series rose.  Very unique color blooms that are between scarlet and orange. Double...