Summer Fun Dogwood
Dogwood, Summer Fun Kousa

A upright form with white spring flowers in early spring. Green vareigated leaves with a...

Summer Gold Dogwood
Dogwood, Summer Gold Kousa

Strong upright in form with variegated foliage that is bright green with golden yellow margins...

Sideoats Gramma Oats
Gramma, Sideoats

Narrow, bluish-gray leaf blades (to 1/4" wide) typically forming dense spreading clumps....

Little Bluestem
Little Bluestem

Native, upright blue grass which changes to rich orangey wheat color in the fall and winter....

The Blues Little Blue Stem Grass
Little Bluestem, The Blues

Similar to Little Bluestem but the foliage is especially blue in color.

Fireglow Japanese Maple Fall Color
Maple, Fireglow Japanese

Named for its luminescent purple-scarlet to crimson red fall colors. This selection is smaller...