Ribbon Grass
Ribbon Grass

Green and white striped foliage. This is an aggressively spreading grass used for mass...

Strawberries & Cream Ribbon Grass
Ribbon Grass, Strawberries & Cream

This aggressively spreading grass requires a moist site and should be contained to avoid...

Blue Sedge Grass
Sedge, Blue

This clumping sedge has silvery-blue blades and prefers high moisture and a part shaded area....

Evergold Sedge Grass
Sedge, Evergold

A spreading sedge with green leaves and gold margins. Likes a moist and shaded area.

Sedge, Ice Dance
Sedge, Ice Dance

A dense spreading sedge with grass-like stiff leaves which are dark green with a white border....

Sedge, Leatherleaf
Sedge, Leatherleaf

Clumping grass with showy copper-red leaves. Moist soil, full to partial sun.

Variegated Japanese Sedge Grass
Sedge, Variegated Japanese

An attractive, mounding sedge with stiff lustrous green & yellow striped leaf blades....

Bonfire Spurge
Spurge, Bonfire

Deep Purple, Red and Orange foliage with a touch of chartruese. The foliage turns vibrant red...

Striped Giant Reed
Striped Giant Reed

A very decorative variegated, bamboo-like grass with broad cream stripes on the glaucous...

Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Grass
Sweet Flag, Golden Variegated

This grassy-leaved sweet flag cultivar is a dwarf plant which looks like a grass or small iris...

Cloud Nine Switch Grass
Switchgrass, Cloud Nine

This switch grass sports light blue foliage, with a height of 8 feet and large airy panicles...

Dallas Blues Switchgrass
Switchgrass, Dallas Blues

'Dallas Blues' is a robust grower with awesome blue foliage and tan, aging to pink, flower...