Arizona Sunset Agastache
Agastache, Arizona Sunset

Pink-Purple flowers rise above silvery green foliage from summer to frost

Autumn Moor Grass
Autumn Moor Grass

A clumping grass with stiff, narrow blades that are bright green with a yellow cast. Produces...

Blue Moor Grasss
Blue Moor Grass

A clumping grass with narrow blue-gray blades. Produces a silvery white flower head in fall,...

Feather Reed, Eldorado
Feather Reed, Eldorado

This variegated form of Karl Foerester has striking foliage with bright golden-yellow centers...

Feather Reed, Korean

This nice form of feather reed grass is slightly smaller than the more popular Karl Foerester....

Black Flowering Fountain Grass
Fountain Grass, Black

Wide blades give a coarse texture and blooms mature to a light shade of black.

Fountain Grass, Dwarf
Fountain Grass, Dwarf

Dense round green clumps with pink to purple, fuzzy flower spikes in late summer.

Little Bunny Fountain Grass
Fountain Grass, Little Bunny

A more compact variety of Dwarf Fountain Grass.

Foxlight Ruby Glow Foxglove
Foxglove, Foxlight Ruby Glow

The flowers are a deep ruby with a glowing center and fill a towering spike and will bloom all...

Frost Grass
Frost Grass

Slow spreading clumping grass with purplish bamboo-like foliage that turns a purplish color in...

Giant Sacaton Grass
Giant Sacaton Grass

The leaf blades are blue-green. It's a vigorous grower and adaptable to a variety of soils as...

Sideoats Gramma Oats
Gramma, Sideoats

Narrow, bluish-gray leaf blades (to 1/4" wide) typically forming dense spreading clumps....