Autumn Moor Grass
Autumn Moor Grass

A clumping grass with stiff, narrow blades that are bright green with a yellow cast. Produces...

Blue Hair Grass
Blue Hair Grass

Is an ideal border plant, non-invasive and attractive as an accent or along an edge. Has...

Blue Moor Grasss
Blue Moor Grass

A clumping grass with narrow blue-gray blades. Produces a silvery white flower head in fall,...

Black Flowering Fountain Grass
Fountain Grass, Black

Wide blades give a coarse texture and blooms mature to a light shade of black.

Fountain Grass, Dwarf
Fountain Grass, Dwarf

Dense round green clumps with pink to purple, fuzzy flower spikes in late summer.

Little Bunny Fountain Grass
Fountain Grass, Little Bunny

A more compact variety of Dwarf Fountain Grass.

Hardy Pampas / Plume Grass
Hardy Pampas / Plume Grass

Clumping habit with 2' long white plumes in the fall. A very reliable grass. Excellent winter...

Adagio Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Adagio

Compact, dwarf clumping grass. Plumes emerge pink, turn white in fall. Good choice for small...

Little Fountain Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Little Fountain

Very narrow leaves with red-brown flower aging to silver-pink. Compact fountain-like habit.

Maiden Grass, Yaku Jima
Maiden Grass, Yaku Jima

Dwarf form of M. sinensis 'Gracillimus'. Compact clumping grass with creamy white, silky...

Red Switchgrass
Switchgrass, Red

A variety of switch grass with great red fall color. Produces broad, diffuse, weeping panicles...