Big Bluestem
Big Bluestem

A native American prairie grass.  Erect clumps of arching linear blue-green leaves changing to...

Bar Harbor Juniper
Juniper, Bar Harbor

 A low growing, spreading variety that makes an excellent groundcover.The foliage is blue-gray...

Blue Point Juniper
Juniper, Blue Point

Blue-green foliage with excellent pyramidal shape.  No shearing necessary to maintain...

Compact Pfitzer Juniper
Juniper, Compact Pfitzer

Compact, lower variety of Pfitzer with a horizontal branching habit. 

Medora Juniper
Juniper, Medora

Bluish-green foliage on a dense columnar form.  Slow-growing.

Oblonga Pendula Juniper
Juniper, Oblonga Pendula

A broadly, weeping form offering blue-green needles on an extremely graceful weeping habit....

Skyrocket Juniper
Juniper, Skyrocket

Extremely slender, columnar form with tight compact branching and bluish-green foliage.  Great...

Welch Juniper
Juniper, Welch

Silvery blue-green foliage of a dense, narrowly pyramidal habit.

Little Bluestem
Little Bluestem

Native, upright blue grass which changes to rich orangey wheat color in the fall and winter....

Muhly Grass, Regal Mist
Muhly Grass, Regal Mist

Fine textured leaves and masses of tall, delicate vibrant rosy-red blooms in late summer....