Dixieland Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Dixieland

Compact variegated maiden grass with white-striped blades. Silky pink plumes appear in late...

Japanese Variegated Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass, Japanese Variegated

Clumping, warm season grass with whisk like plumes and seed. Silvery-tan to reddish purple...

Maiden Grass, Morning Light
Maiden Grass, Morning Light

Silver foliage color displaying good color in the fall. One of the hardier varieties. Plumes...

Variegated Moor Grass
Moor Grass, Variegated

Grass is a perennial, clump-forming grass, with green and creamy white striped leaf blades.

Ribbon Grass
Ribbon Grass

Green and white striped foliage. This is an aggressively spreading grass used for mass...

Strawberries & Cream Ribbon Grass
Ribbon Grass, Strawberries & Cream

This aggressively spreading grass requires a moist site and should be contained to avoid...

Sedge, Ice Dance
Sedge, Ice Dance

A dense spreading sedge with grass-like stiff leaves which are dark green with a white border....