Red Lake Currant
Currant, Red Lake

Red Lake is grown for it's abundent fruit production on 2-3 year old wood. High in Vitamin C...

Honeyberry, Berry Blue

Fruit flavor is sweet, tangy and unique and comparable to wild blueberries with a hint of...

Borealis Honeyberry
Honeyberry, Borealis

Fragrant white flowers quickly give way to oblong shaped, sweet and tart, plump berries with a...

Cinderella Honeyberry
Honeyberry, Cinderella

Compact plants bear lovely white flowers that quickly give way to oblong deep blue fruit that...

Tundra Honeyberry
Honeyberry, Tundra

A fast growing high yielding berry with sweeter, wild Blueberry flavor than other honeyberries...

Snow Beauty Peach
Peach, Snow Beauty

Snow Beauty produces freestone fruit  that is large and very firm, with attractive red skin...

Autumn Bliss Raspberry
Raspberry, Autumn Bliss

White summer blooms on canes with few spines or thorns, mature to fruit which start to ripen...

Raspberry, Autumn Britten

This plant is a good producer of right red, sweet, firm fruit. 

Boyne Raspberry
Raspberry, Boyne

Boyne is soft sweet flavored raspberry with a delightful taste and are dark red in color.