Gala Apple
Apple, 4 in 1 Espalier

Late Season, Gala, Red Fuji, Golden Delicious & Red Delicious or Granny Smith.      

Fuji Apple
Apple, Fuji

Red fruit with some green/yellow, semi tart. Excellent for eating fresh, salads, pies &...

Gala Apple
Apple, Gala

Discovered in New Zealand, Gala is a cross between Golden delicious and Kidd's Orange Red, an...

Apple, Jonathan
Apple, Jonathan

A medium sized red fruit that is crisp and juicy.Very good apple for fresh eating,baking and...

Norkent Apple
Apple, Norkent

Large, crisp, juicy late summer apple that is green with red...

Norland Apple
Apple, Norland

A apple that is green with red stripes and is good for eating, cooking, and preserves.  

Pink Lady Apple
Apple, Pink Lady

Late season, medium to large sized apple that is orangish red blush over yellow.

Red Delicious Apple - image courtesy of Bailey Nurseries
Apple, Red Delicious

This medium-sized solid red fruit is sweet & crisp. Good for fresh eating and salads.

 September Wonder Fuji Apple
Apple, September Wonder Fuji

Produces a red apple with some green/yellow, however ripens 4-6 weeks before Fuji. Similar...

Yellow Delicious Apple
Apple, Yellow Delicious

Medium-sized clear yellow fruit that is best used for cooking. Heavy fruit producer.

Apricot, Moorpark

Moorpark is the most reliable at being self polinating of all of the apricots. The apricot is...