Bali Cherry
Cherry, Bali

Bali is semi tart, firm and excellent for for pies, sauces and baking. A.K.A. Evans Cherry.

Bing Cherry
Cherry, Bing

Bing is sweet, firm and excellent for fresh eating

Lapin Cherry
Cherry, Lapin

Lapin Cherry is sweet, firm excellent for fresh eating and self poliinating.

Cherry, Mesabi

Mesabi Cherry is semi tart, juicy and is excellent for pies, preserves and baking

Meteor Cherry
Cherry, Meteor

Meteor Cherry is tart, juicy and excellent for pies and sauces.

Montmorency Cherry
Cherry, Montmorency

This cherry is excellent for cooking, pies, sauces and baking. It is tart and juicy.

North Star Cherry
Cherry, North Star

North Star Cherry is a smaller variety, tart, juicy and excellent for pies, preserves and...

Rainer Cherry
Cherry, Rainer

Rainer is a very sweet cherry that is firm and best known for fresh eating.

Stella Cherry
Cherry, Stella

Stella is a sweet cherry that is firm and is good for fresh eating and preserves

Cherry, Van

Van cherry is sweet, firm and is excellent for frsh eating. 

Plum, Alderman

Alderman is a extremely cold hardy,huge, dark red, sweet and juicy plum.