Donna's Mini Mugo Pine
Pine, Donna's Mini Mugo

A very low, dense mugo that stays low and flat.

Dragon's Eye Japanese Red Pine
Pine, Dragon's Eye Japanese Red

Differs from species by its soft green needles, which are ribboned with delicate horizontal...

Pine, Dwarf Blue Scotch
Pine, Dwarf Blue Scotch

Dwarf rounded form of Scotch pine with dense horizontal branches and rich blue-green needles....

 Dwarf Compressed Scotch Pine
Pine, Dwarf Compressed Scotch

A choice garden pine that grows into a broadly globose bush. It is slow growing and densely...

Pine, Dwarf Globe Scotch
Pine, Dwarf Globe Scotch

A dense form with deep-green color held even in winter. This upright broad conifer has tufts...

Dwarf Himalayan Pine
Pine, Dwarf Himalayan

A dwarf, compact form with long silver blue needles.

Pine, Dwarf Mugo
Pine, Dwarf Mugo

Long needled, globe-shaped pine. Dark green. Candles can be pinched to maintain desired height...

Dwarf Pinyon Pine
Pine, Dwarf Pinyon

Slow growing selection of native pinon pine forming tight mounds over time as it is very slow...

Dwarf Scotch Pine
Pine, Dwarf Scotch

A bluish cast needled pine with a unique compact, broadly rounded upright form. This hardy,...

Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine - Image Courtesy of Iseli Nursery
Pine, Dwarf Swiss Stone

A slow growing beehive form with short, dark-green needles. The plant has a ruffled appearance...

Pine, Emerald Arrow Bosnian
Pine, Emerald Arrow Bosnian

A compact, spire form with rich dark green foliage on silver colored branches. With its...

Final Form Bristlecone Pine
Pine, Formal Form Bristlecone

Accurately named, Formal Form is a compact growing Bristlecone that forms an adorable cone...