Chief Joseph Lodgepole Pine
Pine, Chief Joseph Lodgepole

This distinctive evergreen dwarf is known for it's stunning winter color.   Needles are deep...
Pine, Chinese Lacebark

An upright broad pine with a beautiful shape when young. Has a showy patchwork of white, green...

Columnar Bosnian Pine
Pine, Columnar Bosnian

A narrow form of Bosnian Pine chosen for its strong upright branching and deep dark green...

Pine, Columnar Mugo
Pine, Columnar Mugo

The compact columnar habit and reliable production of small ornamental cones make this mugo...

Pine, Columnar Scotch
Pine, Columnar Scotch

Form of Scotch pine which grows in an upright, columnar manner with tightly angled branches....

Pine, Compact Gem Bosnian
Pine, Compact Gem Bosnian

One of the nicest Bosnian cultivars grown. Not quite columnar, Compact Gem offers a compact,...

Dolly's Choice Mugo Pine
Pine, Dolly's Choice Mugo

Slow growing. Xeric once established. Cones establish at a young age. Great for a small yard...

Donna's Mini Mugo Pine
Pine, Donna's Mini Mugo

A very low, dense mugo that stays low and flat.

Dragon's Eye Japanese Red Pine
Pine, Dragon's Eye Japanese Red

Differs from species by its soft green needles, which are ribboned with delicate horizontal...

Pine, Dwarf Blue Scotch
Pine, Dwarf Blue Scotch

Dwarf rounded form of Scotch pine with dense horizontal branches and rich blue-green needles....

 Dwarf Compressed Scotch Pine
Pine, Dwarf Compressed Scotch

A choice garden pine that grows into a broadly globose bush. It is slow growing and densely...

Pine, Dwarf Globe Scotch
Pine, Dwarf Globe Scotch

A dense form with deep-green color held even in winter. This upright broad conifer has tufts...