Dense Spreading Yew
Yew, Dense Spreading

Dense, shrub like form, twice as wide as tall with needles that are bright green when new....

Dwarf Bright Gold Yew
Yew, Dwarf Bright Gold

Has gold-variegated green ferny foliage which emerges yellow in spring. Winter months this yew...

Hicks Yew
Yew, Hicks

Columnar yew with upright branches. Dark green needles with small red berry-like cones....

Japanese Upright Yew
Yew, Japanese Upright

Does well in shaded areas. Dense, slow grower with rich dark green foliage. Requires good...

Taunton Yew
Yew, Taunton

Spreading form that shows some resistance to winter burn, but still needs protection from...

Watnong Gold Yew
Yew, Watnong Gold

This dwarf evergreen has bright yellow new growth which will brighten your shade garden.It has...