Arborvitae, Golden Tuffet

A golden-orange, dwarf variety that grows wider than tall, similar to a mushroom cap. Foliage...

Cypress, Russian
Cypress, Russian

A.K.A. Siberian Cypress. Low spreading evergreen having feathery dull green foliage on a...

Tylers Blue Balsam Fir
Fir, Balsam Tyler Blue

A beautiful compact tree with a pyramidal habit and fantastic bright-blue needles providing...

Subalpine Fir
Fir, Subalpine

Native conifer with a narrow, conical growth habit. Blueish-green upright needles and black...

American Larch Fall Color
Larch, American

Clusters of soft, bright green spring needles turn golden yellow in autumn. Bark matures to...

Larch, European Weeping
Larch, European Weeping

Grafted form creating an irregular horizontal crown. Its branches arching outward hold tufts...

Pine, Big Tuna Mugo
Pine, Big Tuna Mugo

Dense, compact and upright habit. Grows 6-10" per year.

Pine, Bristlecone
Pine, Bristlecone

Smaller conifer tree with dark green needles and irregular branching habit. Older needles stay...

Carsten's Wintergold Mugo Pine
Pine, Carsten's Wintergold Mugo

A nice green color throughout spring and summer and turns a gold color in the cooler weather....

Dolly's Choice Mugo Pine
Pine, Dolly's Choice Mugo

Slow growing. Xeric once established. Cones establish at a young age. Great for a small yard...

Donna's Mini Mugo Pine
Pine, Donna's Mini Mugo

A very low, dense mugo that stays low and flat.

Pine, Dwarf Mugo
Pine, Dwarf Mugo

Long needled, globe-shaped pine. Dark green. Candles can be pinched to maintain desired height...