Apple, Jonathan
Apple, Jonathan

A medium sized red fruit that is crisp and juicy.Very good apple for fresh eating,baking and...

Red Delicious Apple - image courtesy of Bailey Nurseries
Apple, Red Delicious

This medium-sized solid red fruit is sweet & crisp. Good for fresh eating and salads.

Yellow Delicious Apple
Apple, Yellow Delicious

Medium-sized clear yellow fruit that is best used for cooking. Heavy fruit producer.

Apricot, Moorpark

Moorpark is the most reliable at being self polinating of all of the apricots. The apricot is...

Apricot, Wenaatchee

 This sweet, juicy apricot is self polinating.

Bing Cherry
Cherry, Bing

Bing is sweet, firm and excellent for fresh eating

Lapin Cherry
Cherry, Lapin

Lapin Cherry is sweet, firm excellent for fresh eating and self poliinating.

Rainer Cherry
Cherry, Rainer

Rainer is a very sweet cherry that is firm and best known for fresh eating.

Stella Cherry
Cherry, Stella

Stella is a sweet cherry that is firm and is good for fresh eating and preserves

Nectarine, Arctic Jay

This freestone nectarine is sweet, firm, juicy and is an excellent choice for fresh eating.

Fantasia Nectarine
Nectarine, Fantasia

Fantasia is a freestone nectarine that is sweet, firm and a self pollinator.

Contender Peach
Peach, Contender

Contender is sweet, firm and juicy.