Rheingold Arborvitae
Arborvitae, Rheingold

This bright golden dwarf evergreen shrub has scale-like foliage appears in flat, fan-shaped...

Techny Arborvitae
Arborvitae, Techny

Fast growing arborvitae for tall hedges and screens. Dark green flattened foliage. Prefers...

Cypress, Blue Pyramid Smooth
Cypress, Blue Pyramid Smooth

A broad upright with a very vibrant and outstanding powder blue color, which is especially...

Falsecypress, Baby Blue Threadleaf
Falsecypress, Baby Blue Threadleaf

A dwarf, compact form featuring soft, silver-blue foliage on a full pyramidal habit. Small,...

Falsecypress, Dwarf Hinoki
Falsecypress, Dwarf Hinoki

Irregularly globose, developing an upright habit with age. Dark green, compact foliage. Needs...

Horstmann's Silberlocke Korean Fir Cone
Fir, Horstmann's Siberlocke Korean

Curved needles reveal a silvery-white underside giving gleaming color and unique texture....

Pine, Big Tuna Mugo
Pine, Big Tuna Mugo

Dense, compact and upright habit. Grows 6-10" per year.
Pine, Chinese Lacebark

An upright broad pine with a beautiful shape when young. Has a showy patchwork of white, green...

Dragon's Eye Japanese Red Pine
Pine, Dragon's Eye Japanese Red

Differs from species by its soft green needles, which are ribboned with delicate horizontal...

Pine, Dwarf Globe Scotch
Pine, Dwarf Globe Scotch

A dense form with deep-green color held even in winter. This upright broad conifer has tufts...

Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine - Image Courtesy of Iseli Nursery
Pine, Dwarf Swiss Stone

A slow growing beehive form with short, dark-green needles. The plant has a ruffled appearance...

Golden Japanese Red Pine
Pine, Golden Japanese Red

During the growing season this variety has a medium-sized upright habit with light greenish...