Burgundy Carousel Barberry
Barberry, Burgundy Carousel

This variety of Japanese barberry has slightly larger, burgundy purple foliage that arches...

Redleaf Barberry
Barberry, Redleaf

Bronzy-red foliage all summer, hidden thorns. Small yellow flowers, red berries and nice fall...


Known mainly for it's spring show, of outstanding bell shaped, pink flowers with yellow...

Currant, King Edward VII

'King Edward VII' is a reliable bloomer in the spring garden, dripping with dark, pinkish-red...

Bouquet Blanc Mockorange
Mockorange, Bouquet Blanc

A compact variety of mockorange. The flowers bloom in crowded clusters and are double,Orange...

 Northern Pearls Pearlbush
Pearlbush, Northern Pearls

A Korean native that has incredibly beautiful flower racemes in May that in bud resemble a...

Adelaide Hoodless Rose
Rose, Adelaide Hoodless

A Parkland series shrub rose with 2.5" semi-double red blooms.  A recurrent bloomer.  Orange...

Cuthbert Grant Rose
Rose, Cuthbert Grant

This rose is an introduction from the Parkland series bred in Canada.  Cuthbert Grant boasts...

Harison's Yellow Rose
Rose, Harison's Yellow

A very old variety of rose, Harison's Yellow has been gracing landscapes in the United States...

Rosa glauca
Rose, Redleaf

Syn. Rosa rubrifolia. This shrub rose species is grown as much for the fruit and foliage as...

Fairy Queen Spirea
Spirea, Fairy Queen

Compact with masses of flowers early in spring. Nice form if left unsheared.

Renaissance Spriea
Spirea, Renaissance

Vase shaped shrub covered with white spring flowers and orange red fall color.  Very disease...