White flowers in June, followed by blue-black berries.  

Autumn Jazz Arrowwood
Arrowwood, Autumn Jazz

Upright, vase-shaped multi-stemmed shrub.  Leaves are ovate, toothed and  a glossy dark green...

Blue Muffin Arrowwood
Arrowwood, Blue Muffin

A new compact form of viburnum that is covered with beautiful white flowers in the spring and...

Chicago Lustre Arrowwood
Arrowwood, Chicago Lustre

Upright, rounded, dense habit and glossy deep green foliage.  Globe shaped deep porcelain blue...

Cherry Brandy Black Eyes Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Cherry Brandy

Cherry Brandy has red flowers with black centers are 5” across! Seedheads provide winter...

Denver Daisy Rudbeckia
Black Eyed Susan, Denver Daisy

Bicolored flowers can be as big as 5” across! Denver Daisy has yellow flower which has a...

Goldstrum Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Goldstrum

Excellent choice for color late summer on into fall, Long blooming. Attractive seedheads thru...

Indian Summer Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Indian Summer

A taller variety with stunning true to the name 'Black Eyed Susan' gold flowers that are 5”...

Irish Eyes Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Irish Eyes

Beautiful Gold flowers with lime green centers that can reach 5” across! Seedheads provide...

Prairie Sun Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Prairie Sun

Prairie Sun is a sunny yellow flower with a orange halo surrounding a green eye. These...

Tiger Eyes Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Tiger Eye

Tiger Eyes Has a glowing gold orange flower with a bit brighter ring around a brown button eye...

Viette's Little Suzy Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan, Viette's Little Suzy

A great dwarf variety with a bright yellow flower and a brown center. Excellent choice for...