Horstmann's Silberlocke Korean Fir Cone
Fir, Horstmann's Siberlocke Korean

Curved needles reveal a silvery-white underside giving gleaming color and unique texture....

Big Daddy Hosta
Hosta, Big Daddy

A large, rich blue leaved hosta that grows in a mound and rising above the foliage in mid...

Blue Mammoth Hosta
Hosta, Blue Mammoth

This large hosta has powder-blue leaves that are heavily puckered and ripped and will reach a...

Love Pat Hosta
Hosta, Love Pat

Deeply cupped, blue leaves on this medium hosta which produces white flower stalks

Indian Grass
Indian Grass

A coarse, clumping grass with erect, powder blue leaves. Golden panicles appear in summer....

Indian Grass, Sioux Blue
Indian Grass, Sioux Blue

Strongly erect grass with metallic blue leaves turning purple in autumn. Has glossy red-brown...

Blue Chip Juniper
Juniper, Blue Chip

Silvery-blue color on a low mounding, spreading plant.  Silvery plum purple in winter.

Holbert Juniper
Juniper, Holbert

Bright blue foliage. Could be used as a blue subsititute for Buffalo.

Blue Spruce Sedum
Sedum, Blue Spruce

Forms a mat of succulant, evergreen like,  blue foliage. Does well in rockgardens and areas...

Baby Blue Eyes Spruce
Spruce, Baby Blue Eyes

A lovely dwarf selection of spruce with blue needles. Very slow growing, makes an excellent...

Spruce, Baker's
Spruce, Baker's

A grafted form of Colorado blue spruce grown for its consistent bright blue-gray color and...

Bizon Blue Spruce
Spruce, Bizon Blue

As blue as Hoopsi, Bizon Blue has a more dense habit and the blue coloration is not limited to...