Blue Chip Juniper
Juniper, Blue Chip

Silvery-blue color on a low mounding, spreading plant.  Silvery plum purple in winter.

Holbert Juniper
Juniper, Holbert

Bright blue foliage. Could be used as a blue subsititute for Buffalo.

Blue Spruce Sedum
Sedum, Blue Spruce

Forms a mat of succulant, evergreen like,  blue foliage. Does well in rockgardens and areas...

Dietz Weeping Spruce
Spruce, Dietz Weeping

Similar to 'Procumbens', Dietz grows about a foot tall on the ground, gracefully weeps and...

Spruce, Dwarf Colorado
Spruce, Dwarf Colorado

Dense compact variety which grows fast and has a brighter blue color. It has long, sharp...

Spruce, Dwarf Globe Colorado
Spruce, Dwarf Globe Colorado

Bright blue, dense spruce having a flat topped bush, which at maturity is wider than tall.

Spruce, Dwarf Globe Colorado - Standard
Spruce, Dwarf Globe Colorado - Standard

Same as Dwarf Globe Colorado Spruce, but grafted on to an 18-24" standard.  Spruce on a stick....

Spreading Blue Spruce
Spruce, Spreading Blue

Blue needles cover this evergreen groundcover. Good for rock walls and slopes. Full sun.

Spruce, St. Mary's Broom
Spruce, St. Mary's Broom

Possibly the most compact, blue "globe" Colorado spruce available. Slower growing than...