Daisy's White Alberta Spruce
Alberta Spruce, Daisy's White

Creamy white-yellow new growth in spring. This Alberta Spruce needs shade.more shade that a...

Rocky Mountain Penstemon
Beardtongue, Rocky Mountain

This penstemon has a beautiful dark blue violet flower and blooms in the spring. Cut off...

Western Chokecherry
Chokecherry, Western

Shrub or small tree. Fragrant, pendulous spring flowers are followed by red fruit that matures...

Alpine Carpet Juniper
Juniper, Alpine Carpet

Soft textured, deep blue-green foliage on a low dense spreading habit.

Andorra Juniper
Juniper, Andorra

Compact, mounding juniper adorned with light green foliage that turns plum color in winter. ...

Arcadia Juniper
Juniper, Arcadia

This variety has rich, dark green color on graceful arching branches. 

Mini Arcadia Juniper
Juniper, Arcadia Mini

A lower form of Arcadia, that spreads slightly larger once mature. Can tolerate poor soils and...

Armstrong Juniper
Juniper, Armstrong

Horizontal growth with a rounded habit. Holds color well into winter.Will tolerate shade.

Bar Harbor Juniper
Juniper, Bar Harbor

 A low growing, spreading variety that makes an excellent groundcover.The foliage is blue-gray...

Blue Chip Juniper
Juniper, Blue Chip

Silvery-blue color on a low mounding, spreading plant.  Silvery plum purple in winter.

Blueberry Delight Juniper
Juniper, Blueberry Delight

Foliage is rich green with contrasting blue lines on the upper surface Heavy crop of bluebery...

Broadmoor Juniper
Juniper, Broadmoor

Soft, rich green foliage. Tiered branching habit close to the ground creates a refined...