Rocky Mountain Penstemon
Beardtongue, Rocky Mountain

This penstemon has a beautiful dark blue violet flower and blooms in the spring. Cut off...

Snowflake Candytuft
Candytuft, Snowflake

A carpet of large pure white clusters in spring on an evergreen variety of the popular plant.<...>

Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry
Cherry, Snow Fountains Weeping

A gracefully weeping, finely branched tree. Smaller than other weeping cherries with a...

Western Chokecherry
Chokecherry, Western

Shrub or small tree. Fragrant, pendulous spring flowers are followed by red fruit that matures...

Graceful Grace Douglas Fir
Fir, Graceful Grace Douglas

Graceful Grace has long green needles with silver on the back side, the needles are contorted...

Blue Prince Holly
Holly, Blue Prince

Medium sized holly, pyramidal shape.  Dark green glossy evergreen leaves.  Blue Prince is a...

Cologreen Juniper
Juniper, Cologreen

Bright green, soft and feathery foliage on compact upright branches.

Prince Of Wales Juniper
Juniper, Prince of Wales

Very low growing habit, green foliage with a purple hue in winter.

Seagreen Juniper
Juniper, Seagreen

Dense, upright habit with arching branches and lush, green foliage.  Also known as Mint Julep....

Sierra Spreader Juniper
Juniper, Sierra Spreader

A durable evergreen that can tolerate drought and neglect.  Very low in height, this variety...

Persian Parrotia
Parrotia, Persian

Small, single-stemmed tree or large multi-stemmed shrub with an oval-rounded head and upright...

Beuvronensis Scotch Pine
Pine, Beuvron Scots

A broad globe shaped large shrub, size can be controlled with candle pruning.