American Bittersweet
American Bittersweet

A twining vine for any area. Orange berries in late summer split open to reveal red seeds...

Royal Cloak Barberry
Barberry, Royal Cloak

Royal Cloak ia a fountain shaped shrub with very large burgundy leaves (for a berberry) and...

Chippewa Blueberry
Blueberry, Chippewa

A compact upright plant that produces a large sky blue berry that has a sweet wild berry...

Red Gnome Dogwood
Dogwood, Red Gnome

Extremely compact and dense upright rounded form. Bright red stem color, with a fine textured...

Hinnomaki Gooseberry
Gooseberry, Hinnomaki

A small to medium sized shrub that produces medium sized gooseberries that have a dark maroon...

Maple, Armstrong
Maple, Armstrong

This species is a naturally occurring hybrid between silver maple and red maple combining the...

Crimson Queen Maple
Maple, Crimson Queen

This Jpanese maple is best known for it's lacy, deep red foliage and it's weeping form. Does...

Red Emperor Maple
Maple, Red Emperor

A Japanese maple with a upright habit with outstanding burgundy-red foliage. This plant needs...

Trombley's Sentinal Maple
Maple, Twombley's Sentinal

Twombley's Sentenial is a narrow upright variety with small palm shaped leaves that emerge red...

Nisbet's Gold Scotch Pine
Pine, Nisbet's Gold Scotch

The bright golden winter foliage of this compact pyramidal conifer lends a dramatic glow to...

Red Rage Tupelo
Tupelo, Red Rage

Dark green glossy foliage in summer and with the onset of fall the foliage turns bright red.

Engelmann Ivy
Virginia Creeper

Also known as Englemann Ivy or Woodbine.  A climber that does well in sun or shade.  Very...