Neomexicana Hyssop
Agastache, Neomexicana

New Mexico hummingbird mint is a smaller variety with narrow spikes of arromatic lavender-pink...

Pocahontas Penstemon
Beardtongue, Pocahontas

Deep green and burgundy foliage accent red stems loaded with clusters of bell shaped lavender...

Grand Parade Bee Balm
Bee Balm, Grand Parade

The compact, upright, green foliage is fragrant and  this bee balm will produce wonderful,...

Walker's Low Catmint
Catmint, Walker's Low

Compact mound of aromatic gray-green foliage is covered in lavender flowers from late spring...

Lavender Stardust Daylily
Daylily, Lavender Stardust

Part of the Twice as Nice® series.  Large lavender-pink blooms mid-late season with the...

Maggie Daley Astilbe
False Spirea, Maggie Daley

Excellent perennial for shaded areas. New growth is bronze tinted, then dark green as it...

Sea Breeze Fleabane
Fleabane, Sea Breeze

Lavender pink flowers bloom freely on the grey green foliage which contrast each other nicely....

Kobold Gayfeather
Gayfeather, Purple

Also known as Blazing Star or Snakeroot. Kobold has spikes that rise out of a mound of narrow...

Native Gayfeather
Gayfeather, Spotted

Native to the western short grass prairies of the Great Plains and foothills of CO and NM,...

Berry Awesome Hibiscus
Hibiscus, Hardy Berry Awesome

Large 7"-8" flowers,  lavender pink flowers and red eye with dark green foliage.

Golden Tiara Hosta
Hosta, Golden Tiara

A small to medium hosta that forms a spreading mound of medium green foliage with irregular...

Honeybells Hosta
Hosta, Honeybells

Long, waxy medium green leaves that are puckered downward which give this hosta a unique...